CYP SOS is a new program focused on saving our schools from cybercrime.

In light of the the recent increase of data breaches affecting the k-12 education sector of the United States, CyberPulse, Inc. has launched CYP SOS (“Save our Schools”) to counter the rampant ransomware and cybercrime targeting U.S. Public and Private schools before and during the pandemic of 2020.

This free program for U.S. Public and Private school districts will provide democratized cybersecurity services to help schools mitigate risk and secure student and teacher information.

“Our leadership is very passionate about helping our schools, who are often overworked and underpaid, to survive this radical transition in the way school is provided. It is tragic that many criminals have chosen this time of weakness to prey upon our children, and we are honored to stand in the gap and help where we can.”

Rudy Drischel, CEO, CyberPulse, Inc.

“It’s great to see that someone is doing something to help our schools and communities during this crisis. I’m excited to see how this will reduce the number of breaches in the coming year.”

Robert Hodges, GLS