We have currently filled the spots for the initial pilot program, but may be accepting more applicants in the spring. If interested in reserving your spot, please fill out the form below and we will provide additional information.*

Please use your official school email. We cannot set up pilot information with personal email (gmail, yahoo, aol, etc.)
*Schools will be evaluated and selected on a first come first serve basis. School must be in the United States and applicants must use their school email address to apply. Applicants must have authorization from their school or district to engage with CyberPulse and sign up for the program. This is a free offer and does not constitute an agreement for future business or obligation by either party. CyberPulse reserves the right to accept or deny applications at their discretion. The pilot will not auto-renew. New contracts for the 2021-2022 fall year will be available at a discounted rate for schools who participated in the pilot.